Letter From the Founder

Introducing KALOS

Hi. My name is Harsh. I'm a Tier-3 certified personal trainer at Equinox with a Harvard degree in data science.

Today, I want to explain to you exactly what a DEXA is, how it changed my life, and why I decided to start KALOS.

I've worked out for 5 years. But for 4 years I went in circles.

And then all of a sudden, things started to work.

And the only thing I changed, is that that I started getting DEXA scans.

DEXA scans measure the exact amount of muscle, fat, and bone in your body. Meaning, they tell you whether your exercise and nutrition are "working". For example, here is a chart of my weight in 2023:

I bulked then cut then bulked then cut. However, here are the charts that DEXA gave me:

So for the first time in my life, I was able to figure out:

  1. 1. Which workouts actually increased muscle tissue
  2. 2. Which diets actually decreased my body fat
  3. 3. Exactly where that muscle or fat was added or lost

Over the course of the year I dynamically shifted my routine based off my DEXA results:

  1. 1. I doubled down on deadlifts (I saw it increased muscle tissue in my upper back)
  2. 2. I increased my sugar consumption (I saw it helped with energy levels and muscle growth)
  3. 3. I doubled down on intermittent fasting (I saw it helped with fat loss without decreasing muscle)
  4. 4. I stopped doing lower back extensions (I saw this exercise wasn't correlated with any changes in muscle)
  5. - etc.
  6. - etc.

Even if you don't want to build muscle or lose fat, DEXA also tells us:

  1. - Our bone strength
  2. - Body imbalances
  3. - Visceral fat
  4. - ALMI (how well our muscles are aging)
  5. - FFMI (how well our overall body is aging)
  6. - How our overall health compares to the rest of our age group

DEXA is the most sophisticated health tracker in the world.

But it's not a miracle.

  1. - DEXA will not lift the weights for you
  2. - DEXA will not reduce your alcohol consumption for you
  3. - DEXA will not increase your calcium levels for you
  4. - DEXA will not sleep 8 hours per night for you

But if you're the type of person who prioritizes your health, DEXA will allow you to begin compounding the effort you're already putting in.

DEXA allows you to A/B test your health. Everything from your body fat percentage to the size of your bicep.

So if all this is true? Why isn't everyone getting DEXA scans?

Well, the experts are.

And consumer demand is growing rapidly. Most providers are booked out for months.

But there is one big problem with the existing industry.

The machines are expensive (even Equinox can't afford them), and they're classified as "medical devices", so they're subject to a ton of regulations.

Which means that the existing providers of DEXA scans typically come from either a medical background or a research background, not a fitness background.

For example, a typical DEXA experience leaves you with the following output:

It looks impressive. But if you don't know how to use it, it isn't particularly helpful.

Until now, only celebrities and NFL players have had the resources to source DEXA-educated fitness professionals.

At KALOS, we are bringing DEXA based health coaching to the public.

We bought our own machine, completed all the paperwork, and hired a world-class team of DEXA-certified personal trainers who will:

  1. 1. Perform your scan (5 mins)
  2. 2. Print out and go over your results in person (10 mins)
  3. 3. Design the optimal A/B test based on your health and fitness goals* (15 mins)
  4. 4. Iterate your tests based on your progress, either monthly or quarterly, until you've built intuition on your own body
  5. * All tests are numerically anchored to your DEXA results.

Our first user cohort begins May 2024. We're located at 98 Battery Street, San Francisco, a 2 minute walk from Embarcadero station.

Book a free 30 minute assessment today with one of our trainers to see if KALOS is a fit for you.

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